As an Avon Sales Leader, your Reps are your greatest assets

Set incremental sales targets to help your team build confidence, and offer the support and help needed in reaching those milestones.

First time promotion & mentoring bonus

Extensions galore!

Mentor and coach your downlines to promotion in the biggest promo month of the year!

£100 for reaching Leader

£200 for reaching Advanced Leader

£300 for reaching Senior Leader

£400 for reaching Star Leader

£1500 for reaching Principal Leader

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Support & guidance

Coach and support them to their goal:
Arrange a weekly coaching call with your Rep to plan, support and guide them towards reaching their goals.

Use our “How to Promote” sheets and help the set their goal:
Build the plan, help them break down the milestones and work out what they need to do to achieve their goals

Recognise their achievements:
Send your Rep a hand-written card to say “congratulations!” and give them kudos on your team pages

You can also have the chance to take part in various incentives such as winning products and holidays and you’ll reap the rewards.

Make a real change -
Try Avon leadership today, free of charge

To find out more about AVON’s Leadership opportunities please fill in your details or telephone us direct on 0777 320 5645.

    How would you like to apply?

    Have you been a representative before?

    Age conformation and how we’ll use your details

    Be your own boss - earn on your own terms, in your own time

    You choose now much money you want to earn with Avon and how much time and investment you give to your Avon business. Your earnings should reflect the time, effort and money you invest. There are no targets to meet and you set your own goals to suit you and of course the help and support from your Sales Leader. Avon really does have a feeling of belonging to the ‘Avon Family’. The free training and support available online from Avon really is second to none.

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