After the birth of my youngest son I decided to stay at home and enjoy being with my boys. When my youngest reached the age of 2 and still wasn’t speaking at all we realised something wasn’t quite right and after what seemed like years of assessments and appointments he was diagnosed with autism.

It was at this point I realised that I could not go back into a ‘9-5’ job and I needed something flexible that I could work around my family, especially my youngest. I was flicking through the local paper when I found an advert for Avon Reps wanted. That is when my Avon journey began. 12 years later I never thought for one moment I would be where I am today.

I am a single parent, very happy with my new partner and now my boys are older and more independent, it really is a dream come true. So 12 years ago I was looking for part time flexible work to fit around my two boys when I saw an advert in the local newspaper looking for Avon Reps. I called the number and the rest is history!

I thought a few extra pounds a week would come in handy. Treats for the boys, the odd clothes for myself.
My first monthly order I managed to get £500 of sales through friends, family, acquaintances and book drops. So I had earned £125 for myself which believe me when you haven’t learned anything for a few years seemed like a massive amount of extra money.

I was then looking at the Avon site and noticed you could build your own network marketing business with Avon by teaching other people to do the same as you. To sell Avon. This can all be done now via phone/video appointments, back then it was house visits so I was travelling all over the north of England to build my Avon team. I now have over 1200 UK reps within my entire networking business selling approximately 2m pounds worth of Avon products a year!

Avon is second to none with the support and training that they offer and the support you receive from your own sales leader. You also have your own Avon store for free to advertise on social media. The incentives on offer are fantastic for Reps to aim to achieve, eg Presidents Club for the higher sellers, you will be invited to an all paid for dinner and event annually and receive quarterly products, love to shop vouchers. The circle of excellence all expenses trip of a lifetime is open for all Representatives to aim for. Next years trip is Canada. There are various other incentives all year round to achieve too.

Avon really is a whole lot more than a bit of extra cash. It’s a lifestyle choice, it’s your own personal development journey too. The self confidence and self esteem it brings is amazing, developing you as a person along the way with so much support from your Avon family. So never think you cant achieve your dreams because if you have enough desire, determination and drive you can achieve anything in life.

Be your own boss - earn on your own terms, in your own time

You choose now much money you want to earn with Avon and how much time and investment you give to your Avon business. Your earnings should reflect the time, effort and money you invest. There are no targets to meet and you set your own goals to suit you and of course the help and support from your Sales Leader. Avon really does have a feeling of belonging to the ‘Avon Family’. The free training and support available online from Avon really is second to none.

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